Stefan from Plymouth South

It was a ‘Walk in the Park’ session for Stefan from Plymouth South.  Stefan is the star running back and Captain for the Plymouth South Panthers.  And I really mean star!  Here is he is with his game ball for rushing for 180 yards and three touchdowns in a...

Hieu from Plymouth North

We had a spectacular evening for photographing Hieu from Plymouth North, who plays both football for the Eagles.  It was also a couple of days after he was named ‘Player of the Game’ when he rushed for 118 yards at the game against Nauset.  He’s also...

Amanda from Plymouth South

We had spectacular weather and spectacular skies for Amanda’s high school senior portraits.  I hope this weather lasts! Here’s a few of my favorites…This one was as much about the sky as Amanda.  It was so gorgeous  – and so is Amanda!

Got Sunrise?

Taila, who is in the cosmetology program at Plymouth South High School, is the first awesome senior to brave the sunrise session this year. She is so photogenic and I loved the way her hair blew in the wind.  Here’s a sneak peek at her session:

Alysia from New Bedford

Alisia came up from New Bedford for a beach portrait session for her senior pictures.  She attends “Bristol County Aggie”  where she is in the Large Animal Science program- she gets to ride horses during school!  She’s also on the track team and...