When it’s time for your senior pictures in Massachusetts, one of the best and most popular ideas is to plan a session at the beach. The combination of a sunset, sand, and water offers the perfect backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime shots, while also giving you plenty of options for wardrobe choices. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through what to wear for your senior pictures at the beach, ensuring you not only look great but also feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Senior portraits at the beach are a fantastic way to create a memory of your senior year that will last a lifetime. I’ve been photographing high school seniors on the beach in southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod for over 23 years – so I know that one of the keys to a successful beach photoshoot is putting together the perfect wardrobe that will not only make you look stunning but also complement the beautiful coastal scenery of Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. I’ll guide you through various clothing options, tips, and tricks to ensure that your beach senior pictures turn out fabulous!

Choose the Perfect Outfits for your Beach Photoshoot

The first step in deciding what to wear for your senior pictures in Massachusetts at the beach is to consider the type of look you want to portray. What’s your style? The atmosphere of the beach allows for a wide range of outfit possibilities, from casual to dressy, and everything in between.

Casual Outfits

Nothing says beach more than a laid-back, casual outfit.

Girls: opt for a simple sundress, romper, or even your favorite pair of jeans or cut-off shorts and a cute top or light sweater. Add a denim jacket for layers. Pair that with strappy sandals or just go barefoot.

Guys: choose cargo shorts or your favorite jeans and a button-down shirt, such as a white linen or blue denim shirt with rolled up sleeves. Or go for a polo shirt or your favorite solid-colored t-shirt.  Wear sandals, your favorite sneakers or just go barefoot!

Dressy Outfits

If you want to showcase a more polished look during your Senior Photos beach session, dressy attire is the way to go.

Girls: choose a long, flowing maxi dress or a cute, flirty white dress that will look great with the sunset over the water as the backdrop. You could even wear your prom dress! And if you’re adventurous, consider going in the water with your dress on for a unique image that not many of your friends will have!  You may want to put on shoes for this outfit but stick to wedge heels or sandals with some bling.

Guys: consider wearing khaki pants and a dress shirt, or even a suit if you want to go all out!  Add your favorite pair of sneakers or a nice pair of dress shoes. We won’t be walking around the beach much in these shoes, so no need to worry about them getting ruined by the sand.

high school senior girl in prom dress laying in water at Scusset beach on Cape Cod

Select the Right Colors for Your Senior Photos Outfits at the Beach

Color Choice plays a crucial role in how your outfit will complement you, as well as make sure you are the star in front of the beach backdrop. Here are some excellent color options to consider for your senior pictures at the beach:

Neutral colors, such as white, beige, and soft pastels such as blues, greens, lavender, coral and grey, create a serene and timeless appearance. These colors perfectly complement the natural tones of the sand, rocks, grass, water, and sky so as not to distract from your face. A neutral palette for your senior photos beach session will help you stand out without competing with the beauty of the surroundings.

Bright and Bold
If you prefer a more eye-catching look, consider incorporating a pop of color. Bold hues like coral, teal, purple, orange, or sapphire blue go perfectly with the blue sky, sunsets, water, and beach grass. These vibrant shades can add a contemporary and fresh vibe to your beach senior photos while still blending flawlessly with the ocean scenery.  While I don’t recommend wearing bold patterns, for girls, ‘Lily Pulitzer’ outfits are the exception and look fantastic!

Incorporate the Right Accessories for Your Senior Photo Beach Shoot

As you prepare for your senior pics, don’t forget that accessorizing and bringing props adds variety and personality to your senior pictures. Adding a hat, sunglasses, sports/dance attire, musical instruments, and other props that say something about you, can infuse your images with personality and style. Your pet could even be in some of the images!


Remember to consider the overall theme and vibe you want for your shoot, whether it’s casual and fun, sporty, bohemian and dreamy, or classic and sophisticated.  Or if there are multiple sides to you – mix it up with different outfits!

Choosing the perfect outfits for your Senior Pictures at the Beach may seem overwhelming, but with these tips and guidelines, you’ll have no problem looking fabulous in your senior portraits. And when you book your senior pictures with Cassandra’s Photography, you’ll get your own personal session design consultation to help you with your clothes, brainstorm ideas for accessories, and have a plan for your senior photoshoot so you’ll be confident that you’ll get amazing photos.

High School Senior portraits at the beach are an exciting, memorable experience, and by selecting the right clothing, accessories, and colors, your photos will stand out, capturing your style and personality in a stunning coastal setting.

If you’d like to book your senior pictures at the beach, click here for more info on Beach Photo Sessions for High School Senior portraits!

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Rebecca Lopes, mom of Lea, Plymouth North High School Class of 2022