How cool to wake up to snow! I wasn’t expecting it, I thought we were going to get rain. I jumped out of bed, had a sip of coffee (I can’t do anything before I’ve at least tasted coffee!) and grabbed my camera. It wasn’t just a flurry – it was big fat snowflakes. They’re so heavy, you can hear them landing on the ground.

Alas, it didn’t last long. I want just one big snowstorm this year. The kind where the wind howls and creates huge drifts, the power goes out for a few hours, school is cancelled (sorry parents!), the streets aren’t passable till the plows come, and I have to shovel the driveway.
I love snow, and I’m not even a skier. I just like the photo opportunities it provides.
The groundhog didn’t see his shadow today, so my snowstorm hopes are fading fast. Of course there’s lots of images to capture in the Spring, too.
Stay tuned….