A different location for me – Onset Beach!  Shelly requested this location – and I was more than happy to oblige as I love going someplace different for a change.  We had beautiful soft lighting which suited her perfectly.  Shelly’s been a fan of mine on Facebook for quite a while and this session was a long time coming – especially after being rescheduled twice!   Besides sand & water, this beach has some interesting and colorful places to shoot  in.  I’d love to go back there again – any takers?
Shelly brought perfect clothing colors, too! Here’s just a few of my ‘thousands’ of favorites:shelly_g_128

shelly_g_103shelly_g_121shelly_g_110shelly_g_135Oh and Shelly rides dirtbikes, too.  I love love love the pink helmet – It actually still had dirt on it.  It suits her perfectly.  Here’s my ‘don’t mess with Shelly’ image: