This was a pretty special session for me. I traveled up to New Hampshire to photograph my best friend’s daughter Alyssa, who lives in Merrimack.  I’ve known Alyssa since she was a little girl – like 5 or 6 years old?  – and oh my gosh I can’t believe she’s going to graduate High School!  We were originally going to go to Hampton Beach, then we were reminded that it was a Saturday night and Hampton is crawling with people and cars and wow I couldn’t believe the traffic. So we traveled further north up the coast and headed to Rye, and landed at Jenness Beach.  There was still TONS of people around (people clear out of the Cape Cod beaches a lot earlier than they do in NH!) but we worked around them.  I rather enjoyed working in a a new location and finding spots to photograph in.  So here’s a few of my favorites:


I’m loving the colors in these next two…alyssa_b_118alyssa_b_116alyssa_b_110alyssa_b_132

Alyssa’s sister Kristen came along, too for a sister photo – and to assist me (well she didn’t know about that till she got there – haha).  I photographed Kristen’s senior pictures 4 years ago, too.   But my gosh these are two stunning young women.    And I love them dearly, like my own kids!  🙂dsc_7914