I’m all about learning more about photography and new techniques, and through my memberships in local and national Photographer associations, as well as participating in online forums, learning opportunities are abundant. At the beginning of October I went up to New Hampshire to attend a couple of Photography programs. First one was a workshop on Glamour Lighting presented by Jackie Haggerty of Illinois. I hear she’s featured in this month’s Professional Photographer magazine (I don’t have my issue yet). I’ve ‘known’ her online for about a year now – and she’s come a long way since then – a rising star in the Photography world for sure! I can’t wait to try out some of her techniques!

The Photo Safari was the next day and started at 6AM at Jeff Dachowski’s studio in Manchester, NH. It was led by Keith & Holly Howe of Nebraska – attending were about 20 photographers from all over the country who met on an online forum. It was really neat meeting people that I’ve ‘talked’ with for a while online in person. We had 6 models and drove around Southern NH photographing them while learning how to find the light, manipulate the light, and posing. Oh and we managed to have a ton of fun too!
Here’s Keith & Holly:
And here’s a bunch of photographers listening to and absorbing every word they say!