It was a beautiful evening at the beach when I photographed Brittany last week for her senior portraits. Why can’t the nice weather last into the weekend? Anyway Brittany is enrolled in the CAD program at PSHS in hopes of someday being an architect. But she’s not so sure…she says CAD is hard…but CAD is her favorite class at school. I kind of look at photography like that…it’s hard – so many things to know and pay attention to – lighting, posing, making sure the camera is set correctly, making sure I don’t trip over rocks or my camera bag…but I love it so it hardly feels like work.
Anyway Brittany has lovely blue-green eyes – well they change color to match her surroundings or outfit. Here’s her sneak peek:
Here’s some more of my playing around…I really liked the graphic element of the shadows behind her, and decided it needed a black&white-like effect.