When planning your high school senior pictures, one of the first things you think about is the location.  A lot of seniors know where they want to go – usually the beach, or perhaps a local park (plus I can offer ideas, too). Others don’t have a preference.  If that’s you, I want you to think about having your photos taken right at your own house!
Here’s a few great reasons to do so:

  1. It’s the ultimate personal touch to your senior photos
  2. You will feel most comfortable in your own ‘space’
  3. You can just go into your own house to change outfits
  4. Easy to incorporate props and pets into your photos without the stress of bringing them to a location
  5. Your senior photos will be unique – no one else’s senior pics will look like yours!

You don’t have to have a beautifully landscaped yard or a mansion to have stunning photos.  I pride myself on being able to find cool and pretty spaces and backgrounds using just what’s in your yard.  Honestly, I get so excited shooting in a new area (and every senior’s backyard is new to me!) – I ‘see’ all types of possibilities right away! I love to find unique areas that perhaps you don’t think much of – but I see a beautiful composition, beautiful background and beautiful light that will make your high school senior look their best.
You’ll be amazed at the variety we can get in your own yard, too!

The possibilities are endless in your own yard for your backyard senior pictures.  What may look run down, or plain – I can turn into a beautiful little spot for your senior pictures. It may be some corner of your yard that you never gave a 2nd thought to – but I’ll make it work.  Or perhaps you DO have favorite spots or areas in your yard.  Perhaps you have a gorgeous flower garden, a fire pit, backyard pool or a deck that you spend lots of time on.
I am totally open to all your ideas and if there’s a certain area you want to use – I’ll make sure that we get a stunning photo of your son or daughter right there!

Cassandra was so open to our ideas about what we wanted included (background, props etc) and didn’t limit us from moving all around to different places in the yard to get different shots.

Overall great experience! Cassandra was kind, flexible and creative in the pictures she took. Lots of pricing options. The printed pictures were flawless!

Jennifer D. (Joe's Mom)

Still think your own yard won’t cut it?  Give me a call, text me some photos of your backyard – I guarantee I’ll find beautiful locations and create stunning, personalized senior pictures for your son or daughter. They’ll be most comfortable and relaxed in their own space, and you’ll have stunning, unique memorable senior photos for the yearbook and to display in your home.