Weird weather evening! Allie & Melissa from Pembroke High drove through a rainstorm coming down Rt. 3 for their senior session.  It wasn’t raining yet at Scusset, and it was actually pretty nice but some ominous-looking clouds were on the horizon. The wind picked up a bit, and the sun kept peeking out from the cloud bank, then it got really dark – then the clouds moved away to give us a glimpse of the sun setting. Then it started raining just as we were finishing up.  Portrait sessions at the beach are always an adventure!

These two girls had such beautiful color eyes and the overcast skies actually bring the color out more than a sunny day does!

Here’s a few of my faves of Allie:allie_h_106allie_h_104

The sun was setting here, casting a beautiful glow …allie_h_123

And here’s Melissa!

melissa_c_104melissa_c_113melissa_c_117During 2-for-1 sessions I always include a shot of the two together: