Last weekend I assisted another photographer with a wedding. Stephanie Millner, from Alexandria, VA, was in Connecticut to photograph her husband’s best friend’s brother’s wedding. Steff’s husband usually assists her, but he is deployed in Afghanistan right now. Steff asked for help from anyone in the area, and I offered. Okay so I was nearly 3 hours away….but it was worth it – I got to see Steff again (I first met her at the Photo Safari in New Hampshire last fall), and I had the pleasure of attending a great, fun wedding!
I knew it was going to be interesting when I saw the bride’s Ruby Red Slippers!

The venue had really interesting architecture.

Kelly & Josh were so much fun – they just loved ‘playing’ in front of the cameras.

Everybody at the reception had a great time, too – they even did Karaoke at the end. Everyone who participated were such great singers!

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